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Orbital Effects of a Hypersphere

Posted on 5 May, 2015 at 13:30 Comments comments (1026)
Ladies and Gentlemen,
It has been a very busy several months and actually over a year and a half of intense work on the oscillations of a Hypersphere, in motion at normally sub-light velocities.. First we are active with our Societies. The H.G Wells Society and the British Interplanetary Society, in particular. We encourage you, who would like to get involved, to join these two Societies in particular. Active membership is a great way to interface with our kindred in thought and imagination, and even in constructs of such grand schemes as we enjoy to explore in time and space.
In relation to experiments, there have been endeavours made for at sea, at the surface and meters/feet below with total submersion. Also in aircraft and onboard orbital spacecraft.
Though a Hypersphere is capable of tunneling and entanglement, there are other sub-light uses. One is an element of a cubic array, as a macroscopic quantum computer, amongst other provocative novelties, that most organizations have failed even to dream of. Sadly, most organizations related to "empire building" have through human history missed great opportunities, whilst ignoring the so many quieter voices in the wilderness. Again, I emphasize it is the amateur, and disregarded, but driven individual, that makes the grandest discoveries, ... so to you as such, keep trying!
In the coming months results shall be forthcoming after allowing for the digestion of such informative results (data reduction, as the preferred terms of such as commonly expressed).
The orbital effects are interesting as it showcases upon the Hypersphere's underlying footprint, over prescribed surface areas upon the Earth, and in the future any other celestial body.
Thank you all for your encouragements and sharing!
Robert B Cronkhite

Academic Defence Science

Posted on 21 June, 2014 at 10:23 Comments comments (1883)
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Please refer to our new page, 'Academic Defence Science' for our more expanded professional options, at the bottom of the page selections on the left. We do have interested organizations in the more professional and developmental arena of Hypergeometric Mechanics. Some are experimental and prototype, some are of possible military usage, and some are just in the scientific endeavors of the more exploratory, including deep space achievements.
Robert B Cronkhite

Is Hypersphere A Relativistic/Quantum Computer?

Posted on 25 May, 2014 at 11:14 Comments comments (1156)
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Bonjour, Gutten Tag, Buenas Dias, Dobrieya Dyen, v'Shalom!
As the pursuance in high academic fevers continue in the research and development of Quantum Computers continues, there is some relevance to Hypersphere as a Relativistic/Quantum Computer. This consideration is based upon our universe as information. Being in such consideration, then we can also perceive Hypersphere on a macrocosmic scale such a computation/kinetic mechanism.
     Some interesting definitions are in order though. In our studies since the 1990s into the first stage of practical operations, we have always had to redefine some concepts of common nomenclature. For example, "gravity" as Inertial Geometry. An "orbit" in celestial mechanics, as Inertial Buoyancy.  The acceptance of the reality in operations of "imaginary" numbers and "irrational" numbers as Extended Reals and Extended Rationals of quantifications.  This is to consider as a mechanistic reality the realm of hyperspace-time and the associated function of Geometric Machines in such environments, that have so long been underestimated as reality.
     Keeping all this as a summary, lets try to look at a macrocosmic system in an interesting 
low Inertial Geometric or low "gravitational" environment. consider what most call an "orbit", but we call Inertial Buoyancy. In this environment, the Hypersphere, as a non-linear oscillator, is circling the earth as a mass with little influence from the surrounding "field" of "gravity" or bette from the curvator of the local Inertial Geometric. Such as a low mass atom or subatomic particle in a quantum computer. In this environment quantum mechanical effects are much more obvious. So much so, that accompanying relativistic ones are more too.
In this environment the Hypersphere can be a "qubit" and more than one, a matrix of "qubits". Such a cubical matrix of  one millimeter hyper spheres in a cube of  1 meter by 1 meter by 1 meter, is also a computational processor. 
     Such was reportedly discreetly done by us and one of our interested parties in 2011 AD with very interesting results.  
But even as an isolated single entity, as one single Hypersphere, the hypergeometric mechanics are very provocative. Most of our lectures have been without much in demonstration, for  to effectively demonstrate is not without risk For such extreme geometrical physical manifestation is not conducive to biology without the accompanying protections. The extremes of any environment require security whether in the oceans, in space or in hyperspace-time. Even articulation of low level (as per solely photonic) Event Horizons is in need of wise and safe use. 
     As we have been saying for years, with more imitators presently bringing us flattery in rhetoric, we repeat our original invitation, "Welcome to the future!", yet we have said in addition, "the past and the present!" And what we are preparing to daringly demonstrate, we say, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"
Robert B Cronkhite

Videos Updating!

Posted on 20 April, 2014 at 18:12 Comments comments (955)
Ladies & Gentlemen,
We are updating our videos. In order to access more countries, we are now running without music background. Some were not able to get the videos in some areas of the world, so we had to update for everyone interested to get access. We learn as we go:)
In some videos we may go multilingual, but try to cover everyone as much as possible.
The major languages are covered, as I had lived in Europe and North America and was brought up multilingual. We use Metric and English measurements as well.
Thanks for all suggestions and comments, for they are appreciated immensely!
Specevo, Danke, Merci, Todah Rabah, Gracias, and Thank You!
Robert B Cronkhite

Shapes of New Things Coming!

Posted on 10 April, 2014 at 11:31 Comments comments (1072)
Ladies & Gentlemen,
     We are working on some new things as of this writing. We have spent the last three months in Florida, though very nice, we were very busy. Interests are high in our Hypergeometric Mechanics and some are wanting us to pursue theory and experiment farther.
     We are considering some more benign methods of public demonstration along with lecture, whether domestic in the United States or foreign. These amongst our received academic and public interest of such to better understand or even for the first time, to peer into the concepts involved and their resultant effects. Right now preparing for some adequate firm to build for the public a demonstrator of The Hypersphere, we are pursuing.
     We are in preparation for another three videos. One about The Hypersphere, another on the thesis behind the book, Architecture For A Third American Republic, in our political science studies. And one more involved with a furtherance one of the above, or for the third book being prepared.
     Back in 2010, Israel was well receiving our Hypergeometric work, and then we began to offer more to the public and to the rest of those in academia interested around the world. At the time no one else seemed interested in these things, or had difficulty understanding it. Most empires, want to build empires, and could care less to go to the stars! Now there is more interest and has been founded upon the student and academic, and all others of the more far sighted of our kind. The principles are so simple in concept and a bit  difficult to mechanize, while the results are provocative!,... yet just giving us fair credit, a student could build these things upon their kitchen table! It is the common student and garage eccentric that is closer to tomorrow, than the many institutions intoxicated by profit and politics!
     One of our more fascinating findings according to our work with the Temporal Diffraction Grating, which is eluded to in, Hypersphere, ... A Journey At The Seed Of Geometry, both editions, is understanding that the perception of "now" or "The Present" is very proportionally based on the approach and recession between two objects observing and measuring an event series. On far greater distances and speeds, such things are obvious and relevant. On far smaller local common experienced distances and speeds, such things are still occurring but with much less apparent relevance. Actually, for all practical purposes, basically irrelevant, though no less real.
     Time Dilation still occurs relativistically between our two observational and measuring places, but the addition of approach or recession allows those two places to experience different "Nows". Consider, at a range of  5 billion light years, the direction of one running to or from, can relevantly affect the one moving place by one hundred earth years into the future, or the past, respectively! Now speed things up and get much closer and all this is far far more amplified! Thus at the extreme of the geometry of physics, even now on a local macroscopic range, we are experience Hypergeometric effects that are far more astounding. 
     To travel in space or to travel in time, one affects the other. We are all space travelers, and time travelers!
     Everything is promoted that is linear basically. Non-linear, such as oscillations, can be articulated as well, and spatially confined effects with still temporally unconfined effects!
     Welcome to the future, and the past, and the ever passing present. The past and future are as real as now, just depending on approach or recession and speed and distance!
Robert B Cronkhite


Prototypes and Lectures, To Come!

Posted on 3 February, 2014 at 12:47 Comments comments (1434)
Ladies & Gentlemen,
We are working on some new videos, and polishing our lectures. Writing and more writing also continues. Your responses have been grand to read and thanks for encouraging me. Every email and every blog I personally read. Everyone of your opinions and encouragements and critiques are considered. 

What we would like to do is to build such a prototype of the Hypersphere, as to be able to demonstrate these conceptions as mechanism. Not only to just lecture,but with enough of an open area as to actually engage the extreme physics for those so interested as to realize the possible consequences to such experiment. Thus, for those so intrigued, it would be with the assurance that all would go well, while realizing that any new endeavor is fraught with the unknowns of accident or danger.

In my own experiments alone, and only with such brave souls that were in assistance to aid in such conductions of daring experiment, I and they, have all been fraught with either some scar or results that at our own responsible decisions will not be of serious consequence to our lives thereafter. It is dangerous and wondrous to explore, and if on your own you shall want to build such machines, I ask only for fair credit as due myself, then please go only forward if you are so ethical, prepared and responsible. 

The prototype for a future lecture would be with a driver ring or disk about 10 meters (around 33 feet), to an industrial/military size of about 100 meters (around 330 feet), with the effects in the benign experiments of the slowing of mechanical clocks for a distance of around 300 miles ( around 500 Kilometers). This would be the first order and most benign of public experimental demonstration. The second order, more severe, is to oscillate till a local event horizon surfaces and expands some and then radiation considerations and health consequences would be have to be by fully acceptable of the responsible volunteers in their decision of being observers. Remember, we have not yet been with any public prototypes at the time of this writing. The third grand test would be of industrial/military purposes, and thus would be not in which a public viewing would be commended. 

If God has given me the proper match; I shall then carefully strike it and light it... knowledge, now set on fire of new things!

Perhaps, some of us are ready for such education, such challenge? Ethics and maturity certainly is required. No longer is geometry abstraction and esoteric, now it is, and has been since 2007 AD, mechanism!

Well, since 2010 AD the primary experiments have been over. We now know some grand things, yet still only glimpses of grander things. It is written that, "we see through a glass darkly".

Robert B Cronkhite

Architecture for a Third American Republic

Posted on 26 December, 2013 at 14:11 Comments comments (1090)
Ladies & Gentlemen,
     In the present and recent current events, we have been suddenly brought upon the realities of human government as practiced. If the intelligent Citizen, of any nation, particularly the United States as per this book, Architecture for a Third American Republic, 
will dare to contemplate, reassess logically, mathematically, scientifically and socially, based on our knowledge of history, the validity of real self-government; then one has a tremendous mountain of provocative conclusions to consider.
     Especially, in the past year, but over many years, I have been left to wonder if humans are really able to govern themselves. Is representative government in this personal computer age, able to be replaced by Direct Representation by each Citizen? Is the dream of self-government really viable to actually practice, or have we only been entertaining a fantasy, driven by the allowance to just consume and be of a directed behavior by modern techno-lords?. If the dream bantered by supposedly democratic republics is such a treasure to be lived, then why has such modern techno-industrial-fuedalistic means been needed, as police and representative governance? 
     As a scientist and mathematician, I ponder herein and question with myself, the pros and cons. If we look at human history, despite all the bravado and cheerleading, history has not well shown much evidence for the advertisements of democratic republicanism in practice.
     It takes a special kind of Citizen to educate and act upon more altruistic motives of the group, above the self. Even modern corporations as are empire building, as the more historic empires have been and are. If we cannot even get far off the planet, then how can we get to the stars? Am I mistaken or not, that human free will is more limited than we want to know, and after all we crave in time someone to finally guide us?

Some Perspective on Causality and Resolution

Posted on 6 November, 2013 at 11:59 Comments comments (575)
Ladies and Gentlemen,
In response to some questions of some of you, ... If the speed of light (c) is considered a "surface" and Alph Centauri is about 4.32 lys away, on this  surface; ... yet if we tunnel at 370,000 times (c), which in the tunnel is about 6 minutes transit time, we arrive at Alpha Centauri about 4.32 years ago ( in about 6 minutes!)! And if I sent a light signal from Alpha Centauri back to earth, then it has already arrived here on earth, and probably not detected, and probably very weak, and was not even being looked for by most present observers, except one like me, if one like me was part of such an experiment. So where does Causality, fit in? Is it vulnerable? 

Well, I say no. For the distance of space is proportional to the past distance in time, with the proportionally weaker inertial/kinetic signal( a photon's momentum here and what it can momentumly affect) and so whatever interference inertially/kinetically is so near or below the background inertial/kinetic noise of the successive "nows" or "the present" to have no measured or observed effect with any practical resolution, yet it is very real and measurable with enough resolution. May I conjecture that at this level the universe as we know it, has this past/future going on so much as to be really normal, and normally of such lesser resolution as to again be of no practical consequence all the time. The macroscopic worlds shadowy quantum/relativistic background inertial/kinetic noise is so low that it does not have any, again practical effect of our sequences of "nows" that we perceive as "the present". We define "now" as the place were inertial/kinetic interference between objects of any scale, including macroscopic, can occur. Also remember, our Inertial Universe (Inertial Geometric) is on the "surface"( = c), of our more Non-inertial Geometric Super Universe!
The photon's momentum, but no mass is the border vestige of this said inertial/kinetic "surface".
It is more important with distance "when" something is, more than "where " it is:)
"Welcome to the future, and the past, and even the present!

HYPERSPHERE.... Now On Sale!

Posted on 2 November, 2013 at 8:20 Comments comments (566)

Ladies and Gentlemen, After much further adieu, we are now on with our book. A few years ago an older first sedition was out, but this Revised Edition! ..., has the best illustrations and concepts for easier reading. We have the book edition and the Kindle edition.
Please put the title in on and look over the details of our book!
Read and study, and attempt yourselves these things herein, giving me fair credit.
"Welcome to the future!"
Robert B Cronkhite, the author.

British Interplanetary & Wells Societies!

Posted on 21 September, 2013 at 16:51 Comments comments (286)
Ladies & Gentlemen,
We are now members of the British Interplanetary Society, London, UK, and the  H G Wells society of Durham, UK. We have many of you around the world now checking us out, and we thank you for your interest.
Take care and dare to think, especially wonder.
Let's strike our cosmic matches, and set the world on fire with grand new things .... as the rocket is obsolete, ... let's each of head to the stars at 370, 000 times the speed of light. Hypergeometric Mechanics sure has quite the consequences!  Please, you also build these things, and just give me fair credit!
Coming soon!, ... our revised edition!
Robert B Cronkhite

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