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Posted on 2 August, 2018 at 13:11 Comments comments (7574)
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have an article now ready to be published in The Lewis Carroll Society's magazine, The Carrollian, issue 33 of  2019! The provocative article is, You Too, ... Through the Looking Glass! It is based on very established scientific foundations of over the last 400 years or so, backed by such a bibliography, upon those solid stones. I hope that you'll find the article quite astonishing and possible for your own constructs and experimentations. The empire builders, because of their circumspect intoxications, have so missed the grand subtitles of applied geometry to physics. You are not thus limited, rather you are free of such foolish constraints. If you are afraid to leave your present comfortable shores, then you shall never cross the ocean in front of you, ... to such other worlds and times. Godspeed!
Robert B Cronkhite