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Some Perspective on Causality and Resolution

Posted on 6 November, 2013 at 11:59
Ladies and Gentlemen,
In response to some questions of some of you, ... If the speed of light (c) is considered a "surface" and Alph Centauri is about 4.32 lys away, on this  surface; ... yet if we tunnel at 370,000 times (c), which in the tunnel is about 6 minutes transit time, we arrive at Alpha Centauri about 4.32 years ago ( in about 6 minutes!)! And if I sent a light signal from Alpha Centauri back to earth, then it has already arrived here on earth, and probably not detected, and probably very weak, and was not even being looked for by most present observers, except one like me, if one like me was part of such an experiment. So where does Causality, fit in? Is it vulnerable? 

Well, I say no. For the distance of space is proportional to the past distance in time, with the proportionally weaker inertial/kinetic signal( a photon's momentum here and what it can momentumly affect) and so whatever interference inertially/kinetically is so near or below the background inertial/kinetic noise of the successive "nows" or "the present" to have no measured or observed effect with any practical resolution, yet it is very real and measurable with enough resolution. May I conjecture that at this level the universe as we know it, has this past/future going on so much as to be really normal, and normally of such lesser resolution as to again be of no practical consequence all the time. The macroscopic worlds shadowy quantum/relativistic background inertial/kinetic noise is so low that it does not have any, again practical effect of our sequences of "nows" that we perceive as "the present". We define "now" as the place were inertial/kinetic interference between objects of any scale, including macroscopic, can occur. Also remember, our Inertial Universe (Inertial Geometric) is on the "surface"( = c), of our more Non-inertial Geometric Super Universe!
The photon's momentum, but no mass is the border vestige of this said inertial/kinetic "surface".
It is more important with distance "when" something is, more than "where " it is:)
"Welcome to the future, and the past, and even the present!

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